We are UMO, a creative studio working with clients across the world.
We create inspiring campaigns, video and design for brands with a young spirit.
We specialize in creative projects aimed at global citizens of the digital generation.

Press Kit Design / DJerem
Cover Design
Press Kit Design / JR ST ROSE
Documentary Film / Countdown for The Code
Motivational Motion Video
Brand Identity HRC
Course Brochures Design
Film Artwork “Prom”
DVD Packaging for BBC Films
UI Design for touch screens
CD Packaging CR2
Web Design / JR ST ROSE
Music Video “In My Dreams”
Product Design & Advertising
CD Digipack
Promo Magazine / On Tour “Blake”
Motion Graphics Video / Jr St Rose
TV Commercial / The Code
Motion Press Kit Video
Motivational Video “UMO”
Portfolio Design / Josh Romine
Motion Grahpics Video / A Tribute To Life
Motion Graphics Video / Deepalma
Commercial Video / We Love El Tubo
Digital Cover Design / The Teachers
DVD Packaging “MO”
DVD Cover Design
CD Digipack “Vintage”
Poster Design
Poster Design
MTV Promotional Campaign
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics Video / Holidays / Remady
DJ Press Kit Design / Remady
Motion Graphics / Sean Finn
Website Design / Steve Mande
Flyer Design / Bench Club
Flyer Design
CD Cover Design / Phillip Browne
Flyer Design / Dj Paulette
T-Shirt Design / Remady
T-Shirt Design