How to find your dream creative team?

Many clients approach us with a sceptical mood. Yes, even by email, scepticism is easily noticed without seeing the other’s slanted eyes looking at yours. The reason, they usually admit later, is previous bad experience with designers: they didn’t fulfil their promises, missed deadlines, delivered projects that look nothing like what they expected.

Why does it have to be this way? No reason. Just look for something better, try to find your dream creative team.

For sure your own image or that of your loved product/music label/brand is something delicate to you, the most personal thing you share with your present and future audience, fans or customers. It is how you want to be perceived. So how can you find a creative team that is able to understand your needs, your likes, one that can match your style, and feel what you do as their own project, opening new paths for you and helping you grow?

There is no single recipe for sure, but this is the humble advice we can give:

// Look for a creative portfolio that makes you say Wow!

// Find someone specialized in your field or with a cool style that you identify with.

// Look for a skilled team able to work on a wide range of services.

Most probably they will be specialized in an area (video, digital design, Motion Graphics…), but if they can excel in many of these skills you will have the chance to get a solid promotional look where every single piece works delightfully with the rest. You will probably reduce costs too by assigning everything to them.

// Get in touch and look for the following “professional” signs:

– Nice people and manners
Quick response to your queries (but don’t expect them to answer in the next few minutes!)
Clear information on quotes, delivery time and conditions

– An intangible good vibe that makes you feel they love what they do, and they will make every effort to push your project to the top

// Don’t base your decision on the cheapest quote you can get or you will probably regret it.

As every product and service, creative work has a wide range of prices based on the quality of the studio’s design portfolio, their reputation, brands they work with, team size and complexity of the project. If something is cheap, chances are they won’t be spending much time in the creative process.

As everything in life, finding a studio that matches your dreams is a matter of trying. Once you find your beloved creative team, stick to them. Then you will see that creative projects and promotion are no longer a pain in the neck, but an enjoyable process where you see your work get the look it deserves.


By Mónica Martín

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