Keep evolving endlessly into the dream version of your work and self.

It’s true for all of us, not only those who work in the creative industries. We need to learn, improve, redefine ourselves constantly, adapt to the ever-changing environment around us not just for survival, but to give meaning to the mere passing of time, to live meaningful lives. This is one of the keys to happiness, they say: to be always in progress for improvement.

Renewing UMO online portfolio is a good chance to share this idea, one we’ve tattooed in our brains: endless evolution.

The tricky side to this mantra comes with the fact that money for living does not necessarily spring from your loved projects, or those you think are your best creation. Frequently money comes easily (or more fluidly) from things you have to do, the ones demanded by your boss if an employee, your clients if a business owner, your followers if an artist. So how can we make these two poles, work and improvement, go hand in hand? Not always easy, but worth trying to achieve for sure: the right balance between work and passion, money and creativity, business and personal development.

Humble tips from our experience:

// Follow your instinct.

If you feel you’ll shine in a field or skill, start learning, no matter how “late” now is to do so, surely late is better than never.

// Make time for learning new skills, joining new courses, or continue practicing what you do well now. You can do fabulously later.

If money doesn’t come from this field straight away, it’s not the end of the way. Trust your instinct, develop your ideas, devote your free time to learning, you may find you end up working in this new area in the near future if you excel at this.

// Look for those who connect with your aesthetic world, share ideas, and try to understand what others like from different styles/fields you are not initially fond of.

You can’t love everything, but frequently we close doors before even opening them. You may find that music style, film genre, art trend you thought was not for you has fantastic sides, hidden at first to your skeptical gaze.

// Open your eyes to new sources of inspiration.

Curiosity is the best sign of intelligence. We are all curious; it’s just we sometimes forget to feed this thirst for the new, unknown and different.

To celebrate this urge for renewal and new starts that comes with Spring every year, we’ve created a Poster together with this Post called “Endless Evolution”. Here at UMO, we’ll stick it on our studio wall as a reminder. Feel free to do the same!


By Mónica Martín

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