Multi-Seasonal Soul for our Global Minds

We’re in the heart of summer.

The uplifting feeling you get from never-ending daylight, a mild breeze in the morning announcing the intense heat to come, the bright colors uncovered by the sun in our lovely city, Zaragoza –energy, optimism and a familiar inner call for action. Everything seems possible: it’s the peak of seasons, the celebration of life.

The intensity of things here, with its good and bad counterparts, is definitely great for creativity. It inspires you, makes you feel alive, offers you the avid spark that pushes new plans and ideas forward.

This is what we missed most during our life in London: the sun on our faces, the powerful print of weather on your mood. Many stereotypes, they say, around the idea of Spain as passion, sun, happiness. Well, it’s true in a way: the weather shapes our hearts and minds.

But oh, London! Our very much-missed London… its autumn spirit ideal for introspection, grey skies inviting us to inner-door encounters, conversations, debate with yet another tea.

Multicultural faces around you in a global city where a hundred versions of yourself are possible. Every one is different; no one is out of place.

London welcomes you, teaches you, makes you ask yourself what you want to do with your life, invites you to stay for a while and then leave for other places if you want to, knowing it’ll welcome you again if you ever wish to return.

Living abroad transforms you. It shapes a multi-seasonal heart inside, able to enjoy the subtleties and hidden recipes of different corners and habits, the wonderful strength of Spanish summers and the inspirational nostalgic autumns of London rainy days. It lends you new eyes for a clearer vision of the complexities around, your current self and the ones you will turn into.

You is no longer just you, it’s also others and the new yous to explore: a treasured feast of seasons within our young global hearts.

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