New Horizons

We’re moving to a new place. The fresh impulse this brings to us is remarkable. We feel energized and intrigued about all the new things to come; like a kid waiting to see Santa’s presents.

This move is probably the most important step we’ve taken recently, as it means very positive changes in our daily life, plans and schedule. A big push for our much-loved UMO! A stimulating environment sets the right frame of mind needed for fresh ideas, feeds your curiosity and gives you confidence in your ability to make your projects real.

We’ve always believed our passion for creativity is the most important aspect to make UMO grow and keep evolving endlessly. Truth is this has made us forget that working in the right environment and collaborating with others is as important. That’s why we are now moving to CIEM Zaragoza, a Technology & Art Business Incubator Centre where our Creative Studio will be close to other innovative businesses (even a nanobiotechnology lab!) and start-ups. This is an inspiring space for us to grow and to embark on exciting new projects.

We’ll be part of a Community, learn from other colleagues and foster synergies with them. Collaboration must overcome the competitive framework we’ve been raised in. There’s much for us to learn, share and innovate…

Lucky us, that’s exactly what we love!

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