Course Brochures Design

Course Brochures Design / Nett Formación (Saragossa, Spain)

Brochure design for all the educational programmes of Nett Formación, school of design and marketing.

The different brochures share a polished editorial style based on visual dynamism, beautiful integration of text and images and a solid brand identity.

  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_01
  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_02
  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_03
  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_04
  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_05
  • Portfolio_Course_Brochures_Nett_06
  • CD Digipack “Vintage”
    Press Kit Design / DJerem
    T-Shirt Design / Remady
    T-Shirt Design
    DVD Packaging for BBC Films
    CD Packaging CR2
    Flyer Design / Dj Paulette
    Promo Magazine / On Tour “Blake”
    Press Kit Design / JR ST ROSE
    DVD Packaging “MO”
    DVD Cover Design
    Brand Identity HRC
    Poster Design
    Poster Design
    DJ Press Kit Design / Remady
    Product Design & Advertising
    CD Cover Design / Phillip Browne
    Film Artwork “Prom”
    CD Digipack