MTV Promo Campaign / Remady

/Promo Campaign by UMO/

Promo Campaign for Remady‘s Nomination for an MTV EMA 2013 involving Poster, Facebook Banner, and cool Motion Graphics for his Website, Youtube and social networks.

Remady‘s success story started five years ago with the single “No Superstar”. With this single the Zurich based music producer and DJ Marc Würgler, alias Remady, and his singer Emanuel, “Manu-L” Gut, achieved their first success in the international single charts. “No Superstar” was overall 48 weeks in the Swiss single charts and gained a platinum award for over 30.000 sold copies.

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  • Anuncio TV “The Code”
    Revista de Tour musical “Blake”
    Documentary Film / Countdown for The Code
    Motion Graphics / Sean Finn
    Diseño gráfico para película “Prom”
    Vídeo en Motion Graphics / A Tribute to Life
    Portfolio Design / Josh Romine
    Digital Cover Design / The Teachers
    Diseño carátula CD / Phillip Browne
    CD Packaging CR2
    Commercial Video / We Love El Tubo
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    Video motivacional American Airlines
    Diseño carátula
    Dossier de prensa / JR ST ROSE
    CD Digipack
    Video Motion Graphics / Deepalma
    Press Kit Design / DJerem
    T-Shirt Design / Remady
    T-Shirt Design
    Diseño de Póster
    Poster Design
    Website Design / Steve Mande
    Dossier de prensa / Remady
    Diseño de CD Digipack «Vintage»
    Video musical “In My Dreams”
    Diseño web / JR ST ROSE
    Flyer Design / Bench Club
    Flyer Design
    Campaña Promocional MTV
    Motion Graphics
    Video Promocional en Motion Graphics / Jr St Rose
    Video motivacional “UMO”
    Flyer Design / Dj Paulette
    Dossier de prensa en Motion Graphics
    Motion Graphics Video / Holidays / Remady